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Tuning Sample (MP3)

Artist Jason James
"Classical Gas" (Into the Light)
Recorded at 8th Note Productions
Kawai EX 9' Concert Grand

*IMPORTANT: Please click on "piano pitch raise" and "piano tuning stability" for more information on this subject, or visit the Piano Technicians Guild, www.ptg,org.

Excellent piano tunings, reasonable prices, helping customers make wise choices with their piano dollars.

Piano Services:

  • Tuning
  • Regulation & Voicing
  • In-home Repairs

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Leslie Bartlett

Leslie Bartlett tuning at Jones Hall

Service FEES:

Basic Tuning: $120 plus tax

Pitch Raise & Tuning: $170 plus tax

I do not do weekend work, being past 70, and tired.

Work Beyond Tuning: Billed at $65 per additional hour
           Please, if you wish to contact me, DO NOT go through secureserver.net.  Most of those ended up in Junk Mail somehow, and many of them were scammers.  Please use my contact email on my contact page..

PLEASE NOTE:  I am presently being treated with encouraging results for cancer.  My doctor has indicated I should be able to continue working at my expected high standards. However, I may be a little slower, take longer to schedule tunings and be a little slower in returning phone calls.  Sorry to inconvenience you and me as well. So the deal is I'm old and slow, but my tunings still equal the standards of the concert tunings listed below.

  I have tuned tuned the majority of Houston's concert venues, most, numerous times.  Concert venues are listed below. I maintain an active clientele of private customers with pianos varying from concert instruments to the most modest of home pianos, churches,Colleges, and numerous organizations as well, including many years for the Chopin International Piano Competition.

From both the standards and the pressure of concert tuning, my most valuable lesson is that pianos in homes deserve more attention than they get both from tuners and owners. (A cry from technicians is that the vast majority of people neglect their .piano maintenance and thus I don't go searching for clients, but work from referrals and folks who find me in various other ways.)When told "We only want a basic tune-up; we aren't concert pianists," my reply is always that I only know one standard for tuning, that being the very best I can do. People who wish well tuned pianos must maintain them regularly,  before they begin to sound  badly. To the left of my picture is a box asking you to read a bit about pitch raising and stability in tuning. A very few hundredths of a semitone out of tune make the difference between tunings which are solid and stable,or go out of tune in weeks or less. Regular tuning  brings tuning stability to the piano.    I have no data-base, nor calling list, having long ago decided to either become  good enough to work through direct referrals and, more recently,  this web site. If you find difficulties with my tunings please immediately contact me so I can fix them. If you are pleased with my work, please tell your friends. This is the way I have worked for more than 24 years.

PLEASE visit other pages on this site. The Links page, especially offers sites which contribute a great deal of useful information about pianos in general, enabling the customer to be more informed and critical about the quality of work s/he receives.

In 1997 I completed examinations with the PIANO TECHNICIANS GUILD (PTG) to become one of a relatively small number of local Registered Piano Technicians. I have held most chapter offices multiple years, and  taught at the local, state, and national levels.

 I  earned a master’s degree in vocal performance in 1976, pursuing a full time career in church music until 1993 when I entered Houston Community College completing a two year program in piano technology in one year. I have  completed the Yamaha, "Little Red Schoolhouse" and the Shigeru Kawai school, both for concert technicians in the areas of regulation and voicing..  I tuned Katy School district for ten years, and have done the same for Houston Community College Central. I tune several large churches with major concert venues and instruments.

I serve  Cypress as far North as Coles Crossing, Friendswood, Fulshear, Houston (West of I-45), Katy, Missouri City, Pearland, Richmond-Rosenburg, Sienna Plantation, Simonton, Stafford, and Sugarland, Downtown, Heights, Spring Branch and most other multiplex areas. .(Larger distances will incur charges to compensate for time, tolls and extra miles.)

Professional Credits:


Concert Tunings Include:

  • Houston Symphony Orchestra,
  • Toyota Center,
  • KUHF Chamber Ensemble,
  • Chamber Music Society of Houston,
  • Houston Chamber Orchestra,
  • Conroe Symphony,
  • Vienna Boys Choir,
  • United Nations Association Choir,
  • Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion,
  • Hobby Center for Performing Arts
  • George R. Brown Center
  • Wortham Center
  • The Centrum
  • The Stratford Center
  • Texas Southern University,
  • University of Houston,
  • Houston Community Campuses (3)
  • Fort Bend, Cypress-Fairbanks, Katy ISD (retired after 10 as district tuner, and is still contracted  for special events) , and
  • Houston Independent School Districts.
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