Services by Les Bartlett

In-Home Repairs

Most of the moving parts of a piano are either wood or felt. These wear with time and sometimes break. Most repairs can be made in the home at the time of tuning. Occasionally parts have to be specially ordered and replaced later.

Regulating & Voicing

Like all machines, pianos need occasional regulation. Each key has six to twelve different adjustments. Often one adjustment will affect several other settings. Over a period of time the action of a piano becomes less efficient and needs something similar to a tune up in a car. This is known as regulating. Leslie Bartlett has attended both the Yamaha "Little Red Schoolhouse" and the Kawai School for concert techniciansRead More

A third aspect of piano maintenance is voicing and needs consideration as pianos age or, correctly tuned and regulated, do not sound satisfactory.


"In order to properly tune a piano, it must be already closely tuned." If a piano is more than a few hundredths of a semi-tone "out", it needs a pitch adjustment to bring the piano close enough to be adequately tuned. A piano will go out of tune if it is played, and it will go out of tune if it is not. Pianos need regular tuning if they are going to remain STABLE and sound as good as possible.

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