Client Testimonials

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     "The pianos were lovely last night ! Thank you for the way you care for them. there were 7 of us playing most of the time, but i did have one solo in the middle of the                 concert: a beautiful setting of "Still, Still, Still". Most of the piece stayed in that sweet upper register of the piano. I was told the congregation held heir breath when
       it was over. It evidently spoke to them, for which I am grateful. The Shigeru was very inspiring to play. Thank you so very much."
      Unsolicited comment from Barbara Jones, MM, after the church Christmas program at a large local church which included four grands tuned to concert specs.
     "The piano sounds terrific"             "Thanks for kind words."        "You're most welcome."  Unsolicited phone text exchange from Kim, restored 1895 Steinway B

"Thank you for the amazing tuning on my Schimmel. I loved this piano the moment I touched it in the showroom. A bell like treble and full bass, crisp, clear and beautiful. I never realized (or expected) it could sound even better (Way better) than it did that first day.  You worked some magic, Les.  You obviously love your craft and treated my piano with the time, care and attention to detail given to a much grander concert instrument, and took time to answer questions and gave me a taste of tuning."  Katina, Schimmel upright piano owner.

 “I have played pianos all over this country and all over the world and have been the victim of any number of tuners who convinced their clients that they were fabulous. I have also had the delight of playing on a piano whose tuning is just absolutely right. My friend Les is a careful, thoughtful, precise, thorough tuner who treats a piano like a treasured object and tunes so that the instrument is ready to make truly fine music if the player is ready to play it. Thanks Les for all those extra hours and those return trips and that fussy demanding way of yours that makes you get everything possible out of an instrument. I love to play what you have tuned.”Ken Medema, International concert artist composer and singer.

This note comes as word of affirmation and appreciation for the work Mr. Les Bartlett has performed on the pianos of Taylor High School. He is deeply dedicated to his craft and to maintaining our instruments, a quite varied range of quality that they are.  He has spent innumerable hours (far and away more than requested) on our primary rehearsal piano as well as our large concert instrument in the Performing Arts Center.  The rehearsal room Yamaha is a low-grade cantankerous thing, which Mr. Bartlett has wrangled into a stable instrument.  He is quick to respond to our call for service and performs the task to a very high caliber and thoroughly.

Recently, he was eager to try out something "new" on our 7 foot Yamaha in the PAC, a different method of tuning, to see how the piano responded.  He wouldn't tell me what he was doing, or what he sought to accomplish with it, but because of his track record with us, I trusted him completely.  When he was nearly finished he called me to come check it out.  Not knowing quite what to listen for, what new method he had utilized, I played for a few moments.  Immediately, I noticed a depth and warmth in the piano that had not been present, a richness of sound and an evenness throughout the registers which was truly beautiful.  It was subtle, yet distinct.  I liked very much what I heard and our regular accompanist asked me within a few days what had happened to the piano.  I did not give her any warning of the change, but she noticed straight away, to her delight!

 We are grateful for Les Bartlett and his work on our pianos.  He goes the second and third mile, and with his impeccable ear, transforms our very average instruments into workable ones of beauty and dependability.

Kevin Riehle
Taylor H.S. Katy TX.
Choral director St. Martins Episcopal Church, 281-237-9264


Mr. Barlett has meticulously tuned our piano for the past few years. I am amazed with his dedication to help the instrument to preform at it's highest level. He is willing to spend hours to get it "right". You will be hard pressed to find a professional tuner with such a work ethic. You will not be disappointed in your choice to choose Mr. Bartlett to tune your piano. Thank you so much!  With your magic touch you turned my daughter into a genius.
Private Client

 Les was willing to try - because we are a tiny charity - to salvage some musical sound from a very cheap, middle-aged spinet cased in something like Formica. He was able with his very advanced grasp of the physics of pianos and his skill in bringing back the tuning so that it would hold, to give this small church an instrument that provided a creditable rendition of The Holy City recently. Our small congregation has been lifted up by his gifted efforts and we are grateful that we were given his name by the music director of a major Houston church, Ann S. Ables, Director of Music and Fine Arts Memorial Drive UMC, Houston where he performs work on their several grand pianos.

Dear Mr. Bartlett, Thank you so much for tuning Vi's piano. With her rigorous daily practice, we can always count on your expertise to set the piano back to its original sounds. Your adjustment is so amazing taking into account that the room is small and echoing with the grand piano.  
Chan & Vi & Thai Nguyen
Parents of Vi Nguyen, double Gold Medal winner at International Chopin Competition, and (seven year old) Carnegie Hall performer, at primary section in 2009, and, still of primary age, taking the Gold in the Junior division in 2011 at age 9.
Nov 1, 2005, I recently judged the Youth Piano Competition for the Chopin Society of Houston. Les was there - 24/7 almost! - to take care of the piano for everyone. The students could play their little hearts out and never had to worry about an out-of-tune piano. It was wonderful! Thank you Les - you will never know how much you contributed to the weekend's success. Keep up the good work!
Petronel Malan
Grammy nominated pianist
I have worked with Les Bartlett many times. I have yet to meet a more dedicated and conscientious piano technician. He is highly-skilled at his craft and takes great pains to work up to the most exacting standards in the piano industry. Whenever I have called on Les to fill in for me, concert after concert, he has performed outstandingly to the satisfaction of many well-known pianists. I cannot recommend Les Bartlett highly enough.
James Kozak
Resident Piano Technician, Houston, Symphony
During the Second Chopin Youth Competition in 2001 in Houston, the piano technician on standby was Mr. Les Bartlett. He was present and active during the two day event (which hosted 101 pianists), servicing the 9-foot Steinway piano in the most professional way. All the contestants and the audience present during the competition were highly impressed with the fact that Mr. Bartlett and the organizing committee cared so much about the perfect condition of the instrument during the young pianists’ performances. A lot of people never saw a technician who would on the spot adjust any piano problems like a tight pedal or out of tune notes. Les Bartlett added so much to our competition and helped to create an image of a world class event. Thank you Les!
Anna Golka
HMTA Piano Teacher of the Year 2003
President, Chopin Society of Houston
Dear Mr. Bartlett: My deepest gratitude to you for your honesty and guidance regarding my piano. It is a true breath of fresh air to know that someone like you still exists in the service world. Being raised around Steinways and music throughout my life and as a pianist myself, I was quite worried about having my piano tuned correctly. I have had bad experiences in the past and wanted to get an honest assessment for this piano which was a gift for our young daughter. Your detailed explanation and guidance allowed me to make the best decision regarding the very neglected piano. My daughter appreciates your bonus tuning of the middle section and loves to play her favorite tunes. I look forward to having you tune my upright Steinway when it is delivered and know that it will be in the best tuning hands possible. I will definitely recommend you to all who need a piano tuner, you have a depth of knowledge in many areas of music and truly are well rounded, knowledgeable and pay great attention to the finest details to ensure the piano to truly sing when you are through. Best of luck to you and many thanks for your careful, caring, detailed, and honest work.
Sarah Takagi
Private Client
Dear Mr., Bartlett, My heartfelt thanks to you for the outstanding tuning of my piano. Not only is it now perfectly tuned, but also (thanks to your creative solution) cured of an annoying ailment present in my old Steinway, a veteran of many wars. For this, I am most grateful. Our belated thanks also for your careful and caring work on the occasion of the informal recital presented last year by the well-known Italian pianist, Enrico Pace. We were all very impressed with your expertise and willingness to ignore time constraints in order to resolve difficulties presented by the piano and its condition. Definitely, you are the best!
Ilda Pace Restrepo
Teacher, recitalist
Les Bartlett has always been my tuner of choice and yesterday I was again thrilled by his work. He had last tuned my piano in my home three years ago and through my neglect it had not been touched by another technician or tuner during that time period. The average measurement of the tuning = -2.8 cents (0.028 off from perfect). The stability of his previous tuning three years ago withstood my neglect. I am utterly thrilled with my newly tuned piano and won't neglect it again!
Dawn Bilsten
Educational Diagnostician
Cypress, TX
Dear Mr. Bartlett, You tuned my piano recently without aid of your computer...and I think it sounds terrific! I realize since it had been 9 whole years without tuning that it will likely not "hold" the tuning; so I'll be phoning for an additional tuning in a few more weeks. In the meantime, I am so enjoying the new sounds as I play and learn and experiment and improvise. Thanks so much. I appreciate your professional expertise and the time taken to get it back in shape. Appreciatively,
Deb Cerkovnik
Les regulated my Steinway B and did an excellent job. The piano is signficantly more even and this has helped my playing enormously. His work on regulating the dampers allows me to do some very sensitive half-pedaling. Most importantly, Les is willing to listen to the customer and give him/her what they want. I am very satisfied with his work and diligence.

I played quite a bit last night and the piano feels like a completely different (and much better) instrument. I am working on a duet with Ronnie and the sound was so different (and much better) that I wasn't sure I was playing the right notes. My pianissimo is much better now that the action actually responds to my touch. I was starting to think there as something wrong with me.
John Slaby
Pianist, artist, computer programmer
Leslie: Thank you for working with my (Schumann) piano. It sounds better than it has in years. (University of Houston professor)
Hi everyone, I just had my (105 yr. old) piano tuned by a real master! My poor piano had been neglected for too long, and he worked his magic and it again sounds lovely! If yours needs tuning, you should consider using Leslie Bartlett!
I have had an extremely busy week but I wanted to thank you for the great job you have done getting my piano back into shape. I played this morning and can certainly tell a big difference. Les, I appreciate all you have done.
Mr. Bartlett has some kind of magic when it comes to tuning. He was very professional when he arrived and wore a guild shirt, so I knew it was safe to let him into my home. He was quick and efficient, and even took the time to explain things to my curious little three-year-old. He also showed me how to fix a problem I was having with my "soft pedal" FOR FREE! I would give him my highest recommendations as a piano tuner. My piano played beautifully and has really retained its tuning.
 Kielly Yates
Piano owner
Thanks for spending time on Betsy Ross – she's an old flag, but I am happy to have her. It's been a pleasure to play a piano again, something I have not done now for 20 years.
Les Bartlett is the piano tuner of choice for all the pianos at Houston Community College's Central Campus. We are so glad to have this talented tuner on board at our campus. He has somehow managed to take our collection of pianos of all ages and stages of disrepair and put them into shape so that we have several much-used and much-appreciated practice rooms. His advice is always helpful, and his work is exceptional. Besides all the technical expertise that he has at his command, he is a genuinely nice person. Many guest artists who perform on the pianos that Les Bartlett has tuned and voiced have commented favorably on his work.
Dr. Mary Carol Warwick
Houston Community College

With the passion of an artist and the precision of a surgeon, Les transformed my marvelous old Kawai grand into an instrument of inspiring beauty. I am deeply grateful for the work of Les Bartlett.

Barbara Jones
Professional Accompanist
LES ! ! ! ! ! The minute you left I went in and played my piano. I had to run upstairs immediately to the computer to tell you how wonderful it sounds........................and feels ! ! ! I LOVE IT ! ! ! ! I'm more pleased with the way it sounds after your voicing than I've ever been. Thank you again for your interest in my piano and your willingness to drive all the way up here to service my piano. BIG THANKS ! ! ! ! Chris
Chris Strauss
Piano owner
Thanks for coming to tune our piano yesterday. As soon as you left my daughter and I raced to the piano to see who could get there first to be the first to try it out. I was very impressed with the sound. What a huge improvement. I'm surprised at how much better I sound now!!!
Becky Martin
Piano owner
Les has kept the pianos going at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church in Houston for several years. As is often the case, our pianos range from "very fine" all the way down to "kindling." I am impressed with Les's ability to care for the entire lot. Good work from a very knowledgeable and friendly technician.
Keith Ross
Organist, Memorial Drive UMC
When I moved to Houston, I sought a good piano tuner. I tried four or five, but I wanted a really good one. Les Bartlett was recommended by a colleague, and I asked him to tune. I listened and observed as he worked, and when he was finished, I knew I had found the one to take care of my piano. I own a beautiful Yamaha grand, and it sometimes receives better treatment than my family (sorry, kids. I love you too). I am "persnickety" about how my piano is tuned. The work Les does is consistently exceptional, and my appreciation for him is very great. I could not help but become his friend, for he has musicianship, personality, and knowledge beside his tuning skills. His ability is well known, yet he treats each customer with care, giving more than expected. There is no better tuner in Houston. Thanks, Les, for your extraordinary work.
Vicki Dooman
Professional Accompanist
Les tuned my piano everyday while I recorded two CDs in the recording studio. His dedication to perfection is unmatched and his quality of workmanship is unequaled in the Houston area. If you need the best technician to work on your piano. He should be your guy.
Jason James
Pianist, composer, singer
Having spent the early portion of my career as a pianist and then working in orchestra management, I knew the aural subtleties of piano tuning and demanded this skill set when hiring specialists to tune my personal piano. Mr. Bartlett has maintained my piano at concert standards for many years and I, along with my professional friends, couldn't be happier. Thank you Les.
Victor Kendall
Director of Outreach at KUHF, classical radio
I want you to know that I continue to call you to care for my four grand pianos for a most important reason - I like the way that they sound when you are finished. Of course, I must add that I tried several others before calling you and they were unable to cope with my brand new American made Charles Walter grand piano. Also, one of them caused harm to one of the Kawaii grands, harm that you were able to reverse. Thank you again for your work.
Catherine Tetreault
Teacher of piano, flute, and theory, Katy, TX
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